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Location: Sardinia, Italy Model year: 2006. First owner. Log: about...
520 000 € 490 000 €
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Location: Biograd, Croatia Model year: 2009.
800 000 €

Used yachts - sea voyages and trips at an affordable price

The worldwide market of second hand yachts presents a broad choice of ships with varying technical characteristics, design, and hull construction. The key advantage of these types of ships is their price, which is significantly less than that of brand-new yachts. The actual cost of a used yacht will depend on the year of manufacture, model, manufacturer and of course its condition. Managers at will find the best offers on the market suited to the client’s will. We will help you choose the right motor or sail yacht in great condition, saving you money and time looking for options.

What do we offer

Our team at offers a complex of yacht trading services in any part of the world. The services we offer include:

  • Picking the right type of ship.
  • Preview of the vessel and its condition, as well as professional assessment.
  • Surveying for defects. Analysis of the job list in order to bring the craft into condition.
  • Help with documents regarding transfer of ownership.
  • Choosing a jurisdiction, registering and flagging a yacht under the country’s flag.
  • Delivery of the yacht to the chosen destination.
  • Yacht servicing.
  • Storage of the yacht in a marina.

Every client gets assigned a personal manager from, who will help them along the way with jurisdiction, technical questions and consultation at every stage of the process. Discovering and trading used yachts can be done worldwide. Regional representatives of are located in the largest world-centers: Dubai, Lagos, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Singapore.

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