Motor Catamarans

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650 000 €

Motor catamarans - a combination of rest, comfort, and speed.

A motor catamaran is a solid alternative to a yacht of the same length. It has an obvious advantage - a lot more space, which means you can host a large party onboard or take your relatives as well as family with you. On top of that, catamarans will be much more stable with waves, which is very important for people who are prone to seasickness, even more so on long trips. Other advantages of a motor catamaran include:

  • Hull stability that allows the craft to stay upright even in some of the worst conditions, high waves and intense wind.
  • The vessels are easy to control.
  • A large amount of usable space that can fit a large group of people and allow long-distance travel in comfort.
  • Better efficiency and less fuel consumption
  • Generally being very seaworthy
  • The craft’s speed does not depend on wind speed and direction.

The main downside of motor catamarans is their high upfront cost and pricey space rent.

However, at, a personal manager will quickly sort out any issues with ease.

Motor catamarans also come with a variety of styles and designs. Even the most meticulous buyer cannot pass such a white beauty, gliding over waves with ease and bringing unforgettable hours of joy to its passengers.

If a particular model caught your attention, you can always send an order to one of our offices, specifying your name and phone number. Your personal manager will contact you as soon as possible in order to answer any questions and consult you on all the details.

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